Skriva út

The International Summer Institute in Faroese Language and Culture at the University of Faroe since 2004

The International Summer Institute in Faroese language and culture has been held since 2004, and six courses have been held up to now.

Through the years, the University of the Faroe Islands received enquiries from other countries from people interested in studying Faroese. These were students as well as researchers of linguistics, literature, and various branches of culture, and others with a general interest in Faroese. The answer was always the same: that the university was arranged for Faroese students and conducted in Faroese and that proficiency in Faroese was a requirement for enrolment. Countless times the question how can I learn Faroese? was answered by reference to W.B. Lockwood’s An Introduction to Modern Faroese from 1955.

This outside interest eventually led to the conception of an international summer institute for Faroese, which was first held in 2004.

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